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Mix & Match Meal Plans – Weekend Textured

For most of us we want to be eating nicer food at the weekend – maybe foods that seem a little more indulgent than during the week. However, if you are still trying to lose weight then you don’t want the weekends to jeopardise your weekly weight loss

Try these textures meal plans for the weekend

Choose a breakfast option a lunch option and an evening meal option


  1. Toasted bagel with lean grilled bacon and mushrooms
  2. Homemade banana pancakes

Or if you get up late have a delicious brunch:

A small portion of low fat bacon, low fat sausage, scrambled egg and tinned tomatoes

Light Meal:

If you haven’t had Brunch then try:

  1. Chicken pitta with Cajun mayo – stuff a mini pitta with chicken, shredded lettuce and Cajun mayo (add 1 tsp of Cajun spices to a desert spoon of very low-fat mayo). Serve with sliced cucumber and tomato
  2. Open salmon brioche – Toast half a Brioche bun – top with smoked salmon and a little cream cheese – serve on a bed of fresh rocket

Main meal:

  1. Sunday roast – our BandBoozled sized plate (6inches) with roast chicken, lamb or beef with roast potatoes and lots of veg
  2. Homemade Saturday night curry – chicken stir fried spray oil with onions and peppers, add Indian spices and serve with rice
  3. Burger and chips – try homemade mini burgers with extra lean mince, instead of the bun serve with butternut squash wedges and peas

Go easy on the alcohol at the weekends and try not to have too many goodies. Keep snacks to <100 kcals each and choose a lower calorie tipple – a spirit with a low-calorie mixer or a small glass of wine

See our recipe section for more inspiration

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