Pre Surgery FAQ’s

When will I be able to eat normal food?

  • Yes once you get through the early post operative stages of the diet you will then be able to eat normal foods. In fact the long term diet for a Gastric Band is to eat solid textured foods so if you are unable to eat these you should contact your provider for an assessment

What if I can’t stick to the pre – op diet?

  • Your Bariatric provider may have different options for the pre –op diet so contact them and let them know you are struggling. Don’t turn up for surgery having not followed the diet correctly in case your surgery gets cancelled

Do I need to take vitamins?

  • Yes – BandBoozled would recommend you take a suitable multivitamin and mineral supplement from when you start your pre – op diet nd for as long as you have your Ban

Can I swallow my tablets ok?

  • Initially after surgery tablets could get stuck because there is likely to be swelling around the site of the Band – crushable, chewable or liquid medications would usually be recommended for this reason. Follow your own providers guidelines about when you can re – start solid tablets – it is usually when you can manage a normal diet o

How much pain will I been in after the operation?

  • Everybody is different – some people will be relatively pain free and others might experience some discomfort. Wind pain can be common after band surgery and will usually show up as a left shoulder pain – Windeze, gripe water or peppermint tea could help. It is normal to feel some discomfort in the abdomen especially at the incision sites- soluble paracetamol can help

When will have my first Band adjustment?

  • You will come in for your first band adjustment usually once you are back on a normal diet. Again each provider may have different guidelines but it may be around 5 weeks after your surgery
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