Struggling with Pre op diet

This is one of the questions we hear the most frequently. The pre – op diet can be difficult for a number of reasons:

• It is usually very strict
• You have to stick to it 100% so if you are hungry you can’t even have a healthy snack as this could take you above your calorie and carbohydrate allowance
• Some providers only allow milk and yoghurts or meal replacements and we all know how difficult these are to stick to
• There is the added pressure of knowing you may not be allowed the surgery if you haven’t stuck to it properly
• If your BMI is very high you could be on the pre – op diet for a good few weeks so can be difficult to keep going with it

So is there anything you can do to make it easier. Try the following top tips to help:

• Drink loads of water – not only will this help prevent dehydration but it can also help fill you up a little making you feel less hungry
• You provider may have a choice of pre – op diets so ask your provider of there is another one you can try. The Hospital Group for example have 3 different pre – op plans and you can mix and match between them making it less boring and easier to stick to
• Plan what you are having in advance – being prepared means you are less likely to fall off the wagon
• Keep busy – you are less likely to think about food if you are distracted – go out for a walk or surf the internet
• If evenings are a bad time and you are really struggling to keep on track then have a hot bath and an early night. Do whatever you can to take your mind of the diet and keep going
• If you aren’t keen on meal replacements or dairy products then tell your provider at the time when they discuss the pre – op diet with you. They should be able to help you manage it and suggest suitable alternatives
• If you really are struggling ask your dietitian if you can do your own diet – provided you are within their guidelines of calorie and carbohydrate values then they may be ok with it

If you haven’t done well on your pre – op diet at all then please let your provider know. The surgeon will be able to tell if you have followed the diet or not and if they don’t think it is safe to proceed with the operation then they can cancel it
Try your absolute best with this and view it as the first step to you getting your band surgery. The pre – op diet is often the hardest part of this whole journey so don’t be put off – just ask for help if you need it and good luck with it

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