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Party Season……

You are not partying every day surely...!!!    

It's ok to enjoy yourself, having a band doesn't mean a life of misery.... You may just need to adapt your diet a little to accommodate your social situations

  • Choose your food wisely, check out the menu before you leave home so you have an idea of what to order
  • Choose your alcohol wisely too, make sure you have a water too and sip it throughout the night 
  • Keep up wth your exercise, it will help counteract the few extra cals that might be consumed along the way, it will keep you energised and give you that nice healthy glow
  • Keep well away from those office Choccy's - tell colleagues to take them home to get rid of the temptation
  • Add a pic of your party dress as your screen saver...!!  Lets be honest our phones are never to far from our eyes 
  • When your out and socially about, don't just sit around nattering after your meal, get up dance - comfy shoes at the ready ladies..!!

Don't wait for January to re-energise - stay on track, your band will be still working so make sure you keep up your side of the bargain 😉

Go into 2019 with a minus not a plus..!!

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