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Incredible Non-Scale Wins to Celebrate Weight Loss!

A simple thinking trick that has helped millions of people successfully lose weight is celebrating non-scale accomplishments.

Having non-scalable triumphs is just as vital (if not more!) than having scalable victories while beginning a journey in health and fitness, whether the goal is to reduce weight, build muscle, or everything in between. Non-scale successes are crucial because they give us a chance to evaluate our accomplishments emotionally rather than quantitatively. Metrics have their place and time.

Non-scale wins enable us to simply be. Envision admiring yourself in the mirror and adoring your physical appearance. Imagine putting on clothes that are a perfect fit, and envision running without ever wanting to stop? Imagine that after doing and experiencing all of that, you got on a scale and discovered that you were 7-10 pounds ABOVE the number that you had anticipated seeing. The ridiculous, dumb number on the scale—which, by the way, signifies nothing—will undoubtedly linger in your head for the rest of the day, if not the whole week —regardless of how terrific you felt at the time.

We may celebrate our weight reduction successes without using the scale by focusing on non-scale accomplishments like confidence.

Non-Scale Victories (NSV): What Are They?

If you've ever wondered what NSV stands for after reading a glossy magazine article or seeing an Instagram post about it, you're not alone. Positive outcomes in terms of fitness, wellness, and health that have nothing to do with a weight on the scale are referred to as "non-scale victories," or NSVs.

They "track" factors like energy, confidence, energy level, and mood. Have you ever noticed that tracking most of those things would be difficult, if not downright impossible? These are but a few of instances of non-scale successes.

Weight Loss Successes You MUST Celebrate!

  • Your clothing fits you better - Your least favourite jeans and shirts that used to hug you in all the wrong places now look and feel amazing!
  • You feel well without taking any medication - Perhaps it's just been a few days, but before you know it, a month has passed without you taking any medication.
  • You gave up obsessing over number - Believe me, this one is challenging. We've been trained to pay attention to the weight on the scale and the size on our clothing tags. I can assure you that you will start to care less over time. You won't even consider giving "the numbers" a second thought since you will be so content in your own skin.
  • Your self-assurance has increased - This is the pinnacle of successful weight loss. When I talk about how crucial it is to feel important in your body. The physical form that saw you through your most trying moments. The physical structure that may have given birth or endured unimaginable trauma. Your physical body literally gives you life. You'll feel secure in your life when you're comfortable in your own skin.
  • You possess more vigour - Recall the days when you pressed the snooze button at least five times? They feel like a distant memory. You now jump out of bed in the mornings, eager to start the day and your workout. When it's time for bed, you're truly prepared and not groggily exhausted because your 3 PM slump has disappeared.
  • You're more flexible - The most unexpected NSV I had throughout my weight loss journey was this. I observed that as I started to lose weight and acquire confidence, not only did my mood improve, but I also became more adaptive. Instead of my customary "I give up" or "what's the point" mentality, I responded to any setback, whether in life or at the gym, with a solution-oriented mindset. I think this is a major victory.
  • You're more agile - All these victories in weight loss have a trickle-down effect. You feel more confident when you are more energised. You move more effectively when you are more assured.
  • You anticipate working out - I assure everybody shaking their head "nope" that they will get there. You will look forward to working out because you know how it makes you feel, just like you used to look forward to pizza for dinner because you knew how it made you feel!
  • You appear more cheerful - Yup! You'll seem more radiant, you'll glow, and your entire aura will just radiate. There will be a brightness emanating from you that you never knew you had!

To Summarise - About Non-Scale Victories

Overall, own scale is the only one that counts when it comes to victories in weight loss. If feeling comfortable in those baby blue jeans that you have had since you were 14 years old and can’t bare to throw them away, counts as a victory for you, then own it.

Aim for whatever it is that makes you feel like the most amazing, best version of yourself. You can control your own mind and body by identifying what makes you shine. Hence, the next time you are dreading a number that is staring back at you—on the scale, on your garment tag, or anywhere else—check in with yourself, your genuine self.


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Mamuna Arshad, The Busy Girl’s Guide to Aesthetics– Educator, Counsellor and Lifestyle Specialist

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