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How to Boost Energy In Your House by Following the Feng Shui Principles


You should treat your home as a sacred space because it's where many of us spend the majority of our time, because of external stressors, it can be simple to lose sight of how crucial it is. Your home needs care just as much as your mind and body do. These feng shui fundamentals will assist in enhancing the energy in your home because they are designed to transform your living space into one that benefits you and your family.

Feng shui: What Is It?

The ancient Chinese practise of feng shui aims to create harmony in your surroundings and inside yourself by channelling energy. Using spatial design, you can achieve harmony with nature by placing diverse items in your living space or spaces.

The Origin of feng shui

Around 3,000 years ago in China, the fundamental principles and feng shui laws of the ancient Chinese tradition were created. In Chinese, "shui" means water and "feng" means wind. It makes fitting that feng shui came to symbolise good fortune since wind and water are both connected with good health in Chinese culture.

The spatial arrangement and orientation of your furniture, trinkets, and pretty much everything else in your home are all considered in feng shui, which focuses on the relationships between people and their surroundings.

This ancient Chinese tradition has employed design principles to enhance life for countless years, and architects frequently take this into consideration when creating. These feng shui fundamentals are a wonderful place to start if you've ever questioned how much "chi" is present in your space.

Feng shui fundamentals

There are several ways to feng shui your space in order to attain balance, comfort, and harmony as well as to make your surroundings more conducive to your needs. Yet if you want to accomplish this, you must adhere to certain feng shui principles.

Get rid of clutter—Living quarters that are too crowded have been proved to cause stress. You might experience this if your home is disorganised. Keep reading for additional advice on how to effectively tidy your environment.

Separate work and sleeping areas—Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, but if you're staring at your work computer from across the room, it may be difficult to make it that way.

Put your bed away from the window - Your mind and body need support, which is made easier by placing your bed next to a solid wall.

Recognise your colour preferences—colours can affect our stress levels and moods. The key is choosing hues that make you feel calm.



Suggestions On Feng Shui for Your Home

Now that you are aware of some fundamental feng shui principles, let's discuss how to put them into effect, such as by designing a feng shui bedroom.

  1. Positioning

Important furniture pieces should be placed at this location in your house. Included in this are your bed, which stands in for you, your desk, which stands in for your work.

  1. Clean up the foyer

Since that the doorway is the first thing you notice when you enter a room, it makes natural sense that it should be a key component of feng shui fundamentals. Make your entrance welcoming so that you feel at home and content when you return from a tiring day.

  1. Add greenery

Living green plants in the home connect us to nature while bringing in more life since according to feng shui, plants embody life force. Think about the environment you live in.

  1. Be mindful of doorways

In feng shui, doors stand for communication and provide gateways through which fresh opportunities can be accessed. Clear the space behind your doors so you can let good energy in and the doors can fully open.

  1. Huge, gleaming and clean windows

In order to allow in as much sunlight as possible, make sure your windows are clean. We become more alert, feel more energised, and have a more vibrant energy when exposed to the sun.

To implement feng shui, you don't have to completely redo your house. Making these small changes will make your life more positive, but always remember to make it your own. Make sure that the items in your home reflect what you know makes you happy and comfortable.

Feng shui principles have the power to promote success, foster joy and pleasure, and improve relationships. The way we live and the objects around us can have an impact on how we feel, love, act, behave and work within our home.


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Mamuna Arshad, The Busy Girl’s Guide to Aesthetics– Educator, Counsellor and Lifestyle Specialist

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