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Week 1 post op -Band


Every provider has their own guidelines and you must follow these but you will most likely be on a liquid only diet for the whole of this week. This is because there will be swelling around the site of the band so solid food could get stuck and even cause the band to move (slip). Liquids should pass nice and easily through the band with no problems at all. They should be a thin consistency to start with – no lumps and bumps at all. You should sip these slowly, not gulp and have a 20 second rest between each sip of fluid. Unlike the pre – op diet it isn’t the quantity of fluid or the calories and carbohydrate levels that are important but the consistency that is the main focus of this stage. Keep the consistency thin – basically it should pass through a straw but BandBoozled wouldn’t recommend using a straw at this stage because it is easy to swallow too much at one time.
Make sure your liquids are a good source of nutrition especially protein (see 'The Kitchen' for more ideas) Aim for around a litre a day of protein containing liquids plus additional water or low calorie liquids. Keep your portion size small – maybe aim for around 200 mls being an average portion size.


Following surgery, you are likely to feel some pain and discomfort around the abdominal/chest area. Some more than others it really can vary. You may also have some trapped wind pain. This can present in the stomach, chest area, neck and shoulders and can travel around from one area to another. Hopefully prior to surgery you will have been advised of this and have some wind preps at the ready (peppermint tea, chewable windeze, gripe water etc.) Also make sure you are taking your fluids nice and slow and are keeping up and about regular, this really does help with trapped wind and healing. More often than not, you will be prescribed some pain relief medication on discharge. Only take this if required. If you have been given a Codeine based medication i.e. co-codamol, beware this can lead to constipation. So as soon as you can step down to a liquid paracetamol do it. Don’t forget until your back on textures (normally around 4 weeks’ post op, all medication needs to be liquid, dispersible or crushed)

You will have approximately 5 incisions on the abdominal area. The larger of the incisions is generally were your port site will be positioned – so expect to feel more pain and discomfort to this area, due to your port being stitched into the stomach wall. Your wounds should be kept as clean and dry as possible. Normally you can take your dressings off and shower around day 3-5. If your wound has a scab or surgical glue that you feel could catch on your clothing, you would be best to protect with a further dressing, to stop this being caught and pulled off prematurely. Do not submerge your wounds until they are scab free to prevent risk of infection. Always keep an eye on your wounds and report back to your provider if you have any concerns regarding any symptoms you are experiencing including (additional redness/swelling, open or weeping wounds, extra pain, high temperature) read more here about looking after your wounds. and post op recovery.

The plan is that every day you should start to feel a little better. You can go through lots of mixed emotions at this stage too. Just keep positive and take one step at a time. You will need to take things easy for the first few weeks after surgery to allow healing and recovery, and no heavy lifting or high impact exercise for at least 6 weeks.

Its not uncommon to feel like you have no appetite at this stage - so try to push fluids slow and steady throughout the day to hit your requirements - fluids should be tolerated well and flowing freely, you should not be getting any additional pain, regurgitation or reflux following drinking. If you are, make sure your sips are small and your leaving 20 seconds between sips - if this is still a concern speak with your provider for further support.

Don’t forget to check in on the forums or FB group for additional support from the team and your fellow band buddies – support is key and we are here to help ?

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