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Sorting your kitchen

Some of us may have kitchen cupboards to be proud of, but for the majority the contents could almost certainly be improved.

Spring Clean Your Kitchen Cupboards

  • Shelves bursting at the seams with items that have never seen the light of day?
  • Wicked treats rather than healthy delicacies.
  • Junk foods such as biscuits, crisps and chocolate.
  • Quick-fix foods like instant noodles and rice pots.
  • Rows of the same few foods.
  • Mouldy jams and dusty tins?

If this sounds familiar, then it’s time to spring clean your cupboards.

Out with the old.....

Follow the 10 top tips below to get started

  1. Empty your cupboards and give them a good clean.
  2. Check all the dates throw away anything that is out of date.
  3. USE-BY dates are put on perishable food items with a definite date to use the food by. If it isn't eaten before this date, throw it away!
  4. BEST BEFORE dates tend to mean that when the date runs out the food will no longer be at its best. It does not necessarily mean that the foods will be dangerous to eat.
  5. Throw away all items that haven't been used for a while. Be ruthless, who knows when you'll get around to your next clear out.
  6. If you can't bear to throw out all your junk food then gradually use them up and don't replace them.
  7. Put some order into your cupboards - keep tins together, cooking oils and condiments together, decant opened rice or pasta bags into plastic containers to prevent spills.
  8. Resolve to clean your cupboards regularly... Or at least annually!
  9. In future, be organised. Write a list before your next shop and keep to it.
  10. Too many soft foods - replace them with textured ones

And in with the new.....

So now your cupboards are clutter free, the fun starts by filling them up again with healthy foods

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