Gastric Balloon Section

Keeping check on your portions with a Balloon

As your body starts to come more accustomed to the balloon being in situ it is important to keep check on your meal portions

A good way to do this is by adapting things straight from the off, or even adopting these prior to placement to start getting into the swing of things and keeping them going throughout

We encourage meals to be ate from a side plate always
Portions 1/2 veg/salad - 1/4 carbs and 1/4 protein (these can be slight variations in portions depending on the meal)
Keeping meals healthy, crunchy and as dry as possible to enhance stimulation - will help keep portions controlled
Working with the 20+ rule is a must - again one that can be started prior to insertion, learning to chew and slow down it vital
Challenging hunger - making sure hitting approx 2ltrs of clear fluids daily - not only good for cleansing purpose but hunger can sometimes be thirst
Prioritising protein, but making sure you are getting your vegetables and carbohydrates in as they are just as important - aim for minimum of 50g daily

Don't forget you should not be looking for an overwhelming feeling of fullness, a happy place to aim for is simply feeling satisfied

Some textured meal ideas include

1 shredded wheat with skimmed milk and a few raspberries on top
1 mini pita bread stuffed with 2 slices of ham – finely chopped, 1 spring onion – finely chopped, a little shredded lettuce
Plus 1 teaspoon of extra light mayonnaise
Evening meal
1 small salmon fillet served with 1 tbsp of green beans and 1 tbsp of curly Kale plus 2 – 3 new mini new potatoes

1 slice of wholegrain toast with low fat spread and a scrape of high protein peanut butter
1 mini wrap with half a finely chopped chicken breast and a few slices of chopped red pepper and 1 tsp of coleslaw
Evening meal
The other half of the chicken breast
Chop it and stir fry with peppers, onion and mushrooms. Add a dash of soy sauce
Serve on a bead of rice

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