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Hair loss

 Hair loss can be common after Bariatric Surgery/weight loss. It can be difficult sometimes to get all the nutrients in that your body needs, especially after surgery and that can cause many different symptoms – hair loss can be one of them.  Read below to find out what you can do to help keep this at bay.

The nutrients associated with hair loss are protein and selenium so these are the ones to concentrate on.

What can you do:

  1. Ensure you are taking your daily multivitamin and mineral supplement. If you are on the correct ones this will contain selenium. 
  2. Make sure you have selenium containing foods in your diet. These include brazil nuts, seafood, fish, meat, poultry and grains.
  3. Make sure each meal you have contains protein – eggs, meat, fish, cheese, yoghurts, poultry, beans, peas, lentils, quorn etc.
  4. In the short term small protein containing snacks can help – nuts, mini cheese portions, chicken drumsticks etc.
  5. When using milk fortify it with skimmed milk powder – this is a concentrated source of protein.
  6. Minuscule portions make it even harder to meet your nutritional requirements following surgery/ balloon placement. You should be able to manage your BandBoozled plate sized portions or there about's 6" plate.  What might work better for you is smaller meals but more often.   – good nutrition helps keep your hair thicker and healthy - Looking after your health is so important!!
  7. If things aren’t improving speak to your dietitian for a detailed look at your dietary intake or ask your GP or pharmacist for any additional advice.
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