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Your “go to” 5 min Make-Up Hacks for Zoom calls by Mamuna xx

The only time "zoom" was ever known to me was when my professional commitments and obligations were back-to-back and I was unable to get to the place of meeting. Fast forward a year, though, and Zoom is now a big part of my everyday professional vocabulary and routine not to mention an integral and essential part of our communication during Lockdown.

There is nothing worse, however, than joining a Zoom call only to see my tiresome face looking back at me from one meeting after another. I found myself wanting to take inspiration from TikTok and Instagram posts for tips on just how lighting and angles can help with one’s appearance to looking not only refreshed but younger too! As you can imagine this was short lived and only resulted in me giving myself a head shake to snap out of falling into a pit of ridiculous self -obsessive behaviour.

Instead, over the last few months to help mask how tired I look on video calls, I think I've found the perfect formula for quick Make-Up Hacks that make me look more awake and boost my confidence with minimal effort and maximum results.

Try the following and see if it works for you….

#1: Concealer- Eye care is one of the main facial features to focus on, after all they are the windows to the soul! Spending more time sitting in front of a laptop than ever before can result in tiredness, puffiness and dark shadows appearing. In truth, while I can rarely be bothered these days to apply a full face of makeup, concealer is an absolute must for me on how rested I look. In fact, if I could only choose one product to wear on Zoom video calls, it would be concealer. Applied correctly, can give you great coverage and hide a multitude of skin issues including redness and blemishes.

#2: Brow Pencil/Gel- In desperate need of a little expert assistance from your beauty salon? I don’t know about you but I never feel quite put-together if I don’t pay attention to those unruly stray hairs. It may sound like a bit of an effort but believe me when I say it’s worth doing. When I have spent a minute or two plucking, shaping and filling in sparse areas, I immediately get an instant eye lift. With so many influencers giving online tutorials on brow trends and products, you can’t go wrong! Especially with longer-lasting tinted brow gels that are currently available.

#3: Highlighter- With a busy day of Zoom meetings, my skin looked dull, sallow and tired on every call. My unique find was to apply a highlighter to my face each morning to give my complexion a healthy glow. I would advise to choose either cream or liquid formulations if you really want the radiance to translate on a call. By doing so helps to create, highlight and accentuate your features. Apply either with your ring finger or with a fan make-up brush.

#4:Bronzer- Video calls have the ability to totally wash out one’s own complexion. A light dusting of bronzer helps my complexion to look a little livelier on Zoom, even if I'm feeling zapped and drained of energy. I always immediately look and feel 10x more awake by taking a big, fluffy, rounded makeup brush and dusting this liberally in areas to give added warmth. You can use bronzer as a contouring tool to give the illusion of sharpening your jawline or slimming the nose. It takes me 2 seconds to apply and no makeup artistry skills are needed.

#5: Lip Balm/Gloss- Finally, our lips are always the last thing we care for. Lack of hydration can result in dry and chapped lips making us appear lack lustre. I now swear by tinted lip balms or glosses. It’s just the right amount of colour to look like you made an effort and looks wonderfully shiny on camera. Try dry brushing your lips or use an exfoliating scrub to soften and smooth your lips prior to applying.

Article by Mamuna Arshad

The Busy Girl’s Guide to Aesthetics

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