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What to expect after surgery

After our surgery you will be on liquids only for a few weeks – it could be up to 4 weeks depending on your bariatric provider.

You may find it a struggle to manage enough nutrition in the early stages however it is important to stay hydrated and take in enough protein to help everything to heal properly after your operation.

A rough guide to fluid requirements would be around 2 litres daily but the best way to see if you are taking enough is to go by your urine colour – it should be pale and straw coloured. If it is darker than this then you need to drink more – don’t forget to avoid alcohol and fizzy drinks

 Examples of protein containing liquids are:

  • Meal replacements
  • Protein shakes
  • Milk – add milk powder for extra protein
  • Blended soups with peas, beans lentils
  • Ordinary soups with added milk powder
  • Drinking / pouring yoghurt

A minimum of 60g protein a day would be an average guide. Yu can use free Apps such as MyFitnessPal to track this initially

As a guide to a portion size aim for around 6 protein containing drinks daily and around 200 mls as a serving size. However, it may be best to sip almost continuously throughout the day to meet these guidelines – remember to take small sips and have at least a 20 second rest between mouthfuls. It is not advisable to use a straw

It is normal not to feel hungry or like you can manage much at all – take is slow

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