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What to do about Plateaus

Kick start 2020 with James Griffiths : Episode 3: what to do about plateaus

It’s January, you’ve just start the gym and your going to get those results this year! A few weeks pass and you have mad good progress but then it just stops.
This is so common and In fact hitting this plateau is a good thing, it means what you had been doing worked.
The problem is when you don’t then make some form of progression to continue your progress. You then get fed up and quit.

What you need to do is progress your training and or nutrition to continue improving. - If you want to improve cardio, up the speed of resistance of the machine or activity. - For fat loss, increase your steps or lower your calories. - For muscle growth, increase weight lifted or add in sets or reps.

All of these actions stimulate a new challenge to the body to which it needs to adapt to, by getting stronger, run faster or drop body fat.

Remember plateaus are a good thing you just need to react to them when they do occur.

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