Everyone overeats for different reasons and it can be helpful to work out what the reasons or triggers are that have you falling off the wagon. Having a band in place help you to lose weight but as you know it isn’t a magic solution where the weight just falls off you. You still need to work hard at it so anything that has your good intentions flying out the window needs to be dealt with
Try and work out the triggers that make you personally want to break your healthy eating regime. These triggers can be different for everybody so knowing what yours are means you can deal with them without sabotaging your weight loss. Triggers can happen when you least expect them and can be as simple as walking past a bakery and smelling the cakes or watching an advert on TV for a high calorie food and you think about it till you HAVE to have it!! So, think about and write down what causes you to give in.

  • Watching a cooking programme on TV
  • The need to have a “treat” meal just because it’s Saturday night
  • Being unable to leave the children’s leftovers
  • Fancying an ice cream cone just because you are out and the sun is shining
  • Feeling it’s rude not to a meal that has been cooked for you because it’s not healthy
  • Having too much alcohol so your willpower just goes
  • Being at home on your own causing you to eat from boredom or loneliness
  • Eating way past the 20 minutes because you are really enjoying the meal you are eating


Once you have identified your own triggers, with a little planning you can overcome them. Don’t walk straight past the bakers; switch off the cooking programmes on TV: Plan healthy meals, only cook the required small portion so there isn’t any to go back to, keep busy if you are bored
With a little planning and organisation you can soon banish your triggers from your normal routine making it easier to stick with the healthy eating and lose weight


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