Top Tips – Eating out

Dining out doesn't need to be a big deal, it's all about being aware and in control of the situation. Having a band shouldn't stop you eating out –Helllllll No…. get your fabulous new dress on and get yourself out there…!!!!!!! But don't forget, with an optimally adjusted band you are not going to be that person ordering the 3 courses and several sides anymore. Here's some tips to consider that might come in useful


  • Check out the menu online before you arrive – pre plan your meal in advance so you’re not under pressure when you get there
  • Know your limits - ordering a starter instead of a main meal, savvy ordering and much cheaper too
  • Likeliness you’re out eating in a group – be mindful about your 20+ rule, this can be a challenge once you get talking, try placing you fork down after every forkful so you’re not tempted to quicken up
  • If you’re getting a not so textured meal i.e lasagna – try ordering a textured side to crunch it up, and don't forget to alternate your forkfuls
  • Don't be tempted to skip lunch in preparation for your night out – if you haven't eaten a texture in the last 4-5 hours you might find you struggle with textures if the muscles have started to over tighten
  • If your having a ‘tight day’… check out the article “other factors to consider that effect your band” if this is the case maybe try a hot drink whilst your ordering to help warm up your band and muscles – this might help, if not choose savvy – I know it's being continuously drummed into you that every meal needs to be a chewing challenge – but on the odd occasion especially around your ‘tight days’ it's ok to choose more realistically to avoid the risk of irritating your stomach
  • Cut your food up as soon as it arrives – so you can monitor your forkfuls a little easier
  • If you are drinking whilst your eating, remember to add this into your 20+ rule - don't be tempted to drink without allowing 20 seconds after the last forkful, this might be problematic if the bolus of food hasn't passed completely through your band yet
  • Be relaxed – going out is fun
  • Once you have had enough stop - don't feel like you have to clean your plate, you could always ask the restaurant to box up any leftovers to take home for the dog if you have one – or might do you for lunch the following day
  • Make sure you leave a good few hours between your last forkful and bedtime – this could cause some night time reflux if you lie down too soon


Bon appetite ?


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