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Tips on Fat Loss – James Griffiths PT

Let’s be fair, fat loss is hard, so allow me to make it easier ....


Tips for successful fat loss


  • Don’t start with a huge calorie deficit, this is a sure-fire way to prevent the sustainability of your fat loss. Start off in 100 to 150 calorie deficit and every few weeks drop a little bit lower to continue your fat loss without making things too difficult.


  • Keep the protein nice and high as this helps is not only preserve muscle mass but because protein is very filling so it is a great way to manage hunger


  • Using high food volume that is low in calories, this is where things like veg comes in handy as due to the fibre content and veg it is very filling for a relatively low-calorie amount.


  • Stay hydrated, thirst can feel like hunger so sometimes just having a glass of water can help manage what you thought was hunger.


  • Use diet breaks, this is where we bring calories back up to maintenance for anywhere from two days to a week. What this does is give you a psychological break from a calorie deficit meaning it is easier to stick to the deficit long-term. This is particularly useful in females as we can plan it to fall in line with your menstrual cycle. A few ways we can do this is each week have five days where you are in your calorie deficit and then two days when you come back to maintenance this normally is the weekend as it allows for meals out and the like. 


  • What may work for females better is having three weeks in a calorie deficit and one week at maintenance I would suggest make this maintenance week line up with the fourth week of your menstrual cycle when you are naturally going to be more irritable, tired and hungry.


  • Remember that sometimes things aren’t going to go to plan, maybe it’s an unplanned takeaway or have a night out drinking understand this can happen and you don’t need to beat yourself up about it. Just get straight back on track in the next meal or the next day
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