The Sweet Spot

What is the “sweet spot”


This is a term used by some band patients when they feel their band is optimally adjusted.  Optimally adjusted is defined on assessment as someone eating a small portion of food, approx 4-5 tablespoons of textured diet which sustains hunger for 4-5 hours and the patient is achieving a healthy weight loss of approximately 1-2lbs a week – or maintaining a healthy weight loss depending on we're you are within your band journey.

The “sweet spot” is the ultimate aim within any band journey, but it's the hard work prior to this that I feel is the most crucial.  Your specialist nurse/dietician will not be able to increase your fluid unless your managing each of the earlier stages first which could impact on your band becoming optimally adjusted.  

So take it slow and steady, a well managed band is one that can be taken to the next level should it need too.  Remember how important the earlier stages are within your journey and comply to the 20+ rule and keep your meals as textured as possible.

Management of each stage is key before moving to the next stage, there is no rush and should be done only and when you’re ready not before.

More fluid doesn't always mean more weight loss – it can actually set you back.


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