FAQ – the basics

Q – Why do I still feel hungry and can eat big portions – I thought the band was supposed to stop that?
A If the band has been in less than 6 months or you haven’t had it adjusted much then this usually happens because the band isn’t optimally adjusted yet. It can take 4-6 adjustments over 6 months (this may vary depending on your provider). It’s important to be patient in the early stages and allow time for the band to work properly If your band has been in longer than that this is usually just a sign that you need an adjustment provided you are on textured food – talk to your provider to discuss this.

Q – Will I be left with loose skin?
A Obviously everybody is different so we cannot say for sure that you won’t. However weight loss with a gastric band tends to be slower and steadier than other types of surgery so that means it is less likely you will need to worry about loose skin. Generally the slower the weight comes off the better it is for the skin.

Q – Can I exercise with the band?
A yes you can exercise normally with the band> we recommend you don’t do anything too strenuous for the first 6 weeks after surgery but after that provided everything has healed properly then it should be fine. If you aren’t sure check with your provider or with your GP.

Q – Why do I need to take vitamins forever?
A Once your band is optimally adjusted your portions should be small. That means you are eating less overall so it can be difficult to get in all the nutrients your body needs. The vitamins are just a back up to ensure you get a good range of vitamins and minerals.

Q – Why do I feel initially after an adjustment I can see a difference but the effects soon wear off?
A After an adjustment there is likely to be some swelling around the site of the band. That can make you feel fuller for longer but as this swelling goes down that doesn’t last.

Q – What’s wrong with soft foods with a band?
A Soft foods just slip through the band too easily ( often called slider foods). This means they don’t stimulate the nerve endings on the stomach wall as much so you get less messages sent to your brain to say that you are full. So generally softer foods mean more hunger. It is also possible to eat bigger quantities of the softer foods thus increasing your overall calorie intake.

Q – Why can’t I have fizzy drinks – they are liquid so won’t get stuck?
A Its to do with the gas in the fizzy drinks. The gas can be difficult to expel with the band so it may make you feel uncomfortable. You can have them but not too often, sip slowly and it’s better to swirl them around a bit first so they go a bit flat. If they do cause you problems though then avoid them altogether.

Q – Can I still use a meal replacement diet sometimes if I want to boost my weight loss?
A no we wouldn’t recommend that. They slide straight through the band so effectively the band isn’t doing anything. There isn’t a point in having the band if you follow meal replacements as a way of eating.

Q – I’m really hungry and can eat a lot so do I need a fill?
A Usually yes however check your diet isn’t too soft and sloppy first as this works against the band. If you switch to solid textured foods and can still eat a lot and feel hungry then in general you would need a band fill.

Q – Why do some people follow a pre – op diet and others don’t
A The pre – op diet is designed to shrink the liver before surgery. Those with a lower BMI may not need to follow a pre - op diet as its less likely their livers will be enlarged.


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