Bikini or costume – what about scars


I bet bearing your scars in public on your abdomen was something that you never even considered when you signed up for your procedure many moons ago. Wearing a bikini may have been a very distant thought or even an unreal expectation that you felt would never be an option anyway.

Well congratulations here you are, holiday just around the corner, fabulous new figure and your faced with the decision of what fabulous beach attire to don this season.

Worried people might see your scars, be faced with any awkward questions…. Arrrgggghhhhh what do you do...????

Unfortunately scarring is a symptom of an incision and therefore cannot be avoided with most procedures. People scar differently, some scars may disappear almost to a fine silvery line, others may become dark and raised in appearance – suggestive of a keloid scar – it's just the way our bodies heal I'm afraid. Any concerns with you scars you can always see your GP or surgeon to discuss.


Some scars may benefit from scar balms or silicon type products specific for scar therapy that are on the market. (Always make sure you buy from a reputable provider).

If you choose bikini - It is always wise to wear a total sunblock on your scars – especially for the first year. Any sun damage to your scars at this stage may stop them developing to a silvery colour and may leave them dark and more noticeable for the future.

So what will it be…?!?!?!

At the end of the day its your holiday, you’re the one who's saved up and worked hard, it's going to be you having fun in the sun all day, so wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Look back at your journey and be proud of how far you have come and what you have achieved and maybe, just maybe it is time for that bikini moment..?!?!

There's lots of procedures that involve making small incisions on your abdomen – who's to say what procedure you have had.

Happy Holiday [icon name="smile-o" class="" unprefixed_class=""]


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