Textured easy meal ideas


  • Toast with peanut butter, beans, egg – any type, pure fruit preserve
  • Bagel thin with scrambled egg, smoked salmon, low sugar jam
  • Mini breakfast – low fat bacon and sausage with egg or beans or a little of both
  • Crunchy cereal – shredded wheat, granola, muesli, Branflakes, Shreddies
  • Fruit salad – crunchy fruit with natural yoghurt
  • Crunchy cereal as above with pouring yoghurt
  • Muesli bar or breakfast biscuits


  • Mini wrap with a choice of fillings- tuna mayo, ham salad, chicken and sweetcorn, low fat cheese and onion
  • Beans on toast
  • Mini pita stuffed with salad, 1 tsp low fat mayo and protein of your choice
  • Half a sandwich – with salad and healthy protein
  • Toasted thin with egg, shredded ham salad, tuna, low fat cheese, chicken etc
  • 2-3 crackers with low fat soft cheese and tomato, grated low fat cheese with spring onion, ham salad, tuna and sweetcorn – a variety of healthy toppings
  • Jacket potato with low fat cheese, tuna , leftover chilli with a little salad on the side – remember to eat the skin

Evening meal 

  • Fish, chicken, meat - lean with salad or veg and new pots
  • Curry, chilli with rice – keep the veg on the crunchy side
  • Fajitas – nice and textured – remember the 20+ rule
  • Cooked chicken with a mini flatbread and salad
  • Chop with crunchy veg and mash ( the mash is ok provided you have a little bit of chop or crunchy veg with each mouthful)
  • Lean beef steak with mushrooms and rice
  • Sirloin steak with sweet potato fries and crunchy veg
  • Stir fry – choose your protein and veg, add a little soy sauce and serve with rice
  • Prawn pasta – stir fried prawns with onion and peppers – mix with pasta, add a little lemon juice and black pepper and serve
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