Soft phase top tips

This stage is to allow the band to settle in the correct position so nothing too solid for now:

  • Use lots of sauces and gravy to soften the food
  • Food should be mashed with the back of a fork
  • If you need a knife to cut it then don’t eat it
  • Remember to continue concentrating on your protein intake
  • Remember the 20+ rule – there might not be a lot of chewing involved yet but you can start to practice this
  • Continue to avoid fizzy drinks for now
  • Stay off the alcohol for now – wait until you are back on a normal diet
  • Aim for 3 meals a day – healthy meals with lots of mashed vegetables
  • Continue with a chewable Multivitamin and mineral supplement for now.Or Forceval soluble
  • Portion size is tricky at this stage – you may have a normal appetite and can mange big portions. This is a sign the swelling is going down and everything is healing. Also the soft foods slip straight through the band easily so you may be able to manage a lot of them. If this is the case just have normal sized healthy meals but don’t expect to lose weight during this stage if that’s the case
  • Foods allowed are soft options like Weetabix, porridge, mashed potato, cottage pie etc. Please see The Library for more details


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