Liquid lunch……. breakfast and dinner!

So you have just had your band put in therefore most of you will be on a liquid only diet now. The length of time you are on this can vary enormously between each bariatric centre so please follow your surgeon’s advice religiously

However the reason for your liquid diet is the same make sure your band settles in the right position and doesn’t slip. It has just been put in and stitched in place so if any food gets stuck, or you are sick at all the band could move position. Also the area where the band has been placed is likely to be swollen initially so liquids can pass through easily without causing any problems at all!! If your liquids are not passing through ok or if it hurts when they pass through the band please contact your bariatric provider to let them know

Basically you want any liquids that can pass through a normal straw (not your KFC Krushems jumbo straws) No lumps and bumps at this stage so use a blender if you need to. However it’s best not to use a straw as you can swallow too much at one time. The key here is to sip slowly and small amounts at a time. Try and aim to have at least 5 servings of nourishing fluids a day – that means fluids that have some goodness in them especially protein which helps with the healing process. A portion size should be around 200 mls but you may find it easier to sip continuously over the day rather than have your drinks at mealtimes – whatever suits you best is fine

By now you may well be sick of the sight of liquids such as meal replacements especially if you did them for your pre – op diet. However they really do offer the most nutrition in a small volume so are invaluable at this stage. Some of these could include:

  • Build up
  • Complan
  • Celebrity slim
  • Slimfast
  • Lighter life
  • Cambridge diet
  • Supermarket own brand meal replacement drinks

Other ideas of good fluids at this stage include:

  • Milk
  • Smoothies
  • Milkshakes
  • Pouring yoghurts
  • Soups – tinned or homemade – especially pulse/ lentil based ones( provide protein)
  • Sugar free jelly, smooth yoghurts and low fat custard is also ok at this stage – obviously not fluids but a thin, smooth consistency that slips through the band. Try to avoid ice cream though due to the high number of calories in it – it’s easy to eat in large quantities

The important thing here is nourishing liquids that have good nutrition in them. Surviving on cuppa soups, coffee and squash for example isn’t giving your body much nutrition and it needs it in these early stages to heal properly . You can add skimmed milk powder to creamy foods like milk, yoghurt and creamy soups – this is an easy way of adding protein without too many extra calories.

And don’t forget your total fluid least 2 litres daily – water, tea, coffee, herbal teas etc are all ok. Just make sure you get the goodness in too.

It’s best to avoid alcohol in the early stages too – it’s very dehydrating and can go to your head quickly on your restricted diet!!

I know this stage isn’t fun but it’s not for will be moving onto soft foods before you know it!!!



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