What exercise suits you?

Not everyone likes exercise and if you are just getting started use these questions below to get you thinking about what you might enjoy. If you enjoy it you are more likely to stick at it!!!


The gym, an exercise class, swimming or a dance class.


Running, power walking, cycling or boot camp


Exercise DVD at home, the Gym on your own, bike riding, walking.

With friends

Badminton, tennis, squash, aerobics class, team sports like netball or football.

Do you like to be at home or out?

At home – DVD, YouTube video to follow, exercise bike, a home gym if you have the space, rowing machine or treadmill, stepping on the bottom stair, skipping. Out – a class, the Gym, swimming, cycling, dog walking, running, anything that gets you out the house.

Do you like gentle or vigorous exercise?

Gentle – walking, swimming, water aerobics, toning class, yoga, Pilates, Vigorous – High intensity interval training, Squash, Marathon running, combat classes, Spinning, boxing

Do you like to be focused with exercise or just want to have fun?

Focused – stick to a class, a gym programme, training for an event like a triathlon or 10K run.

Just for fun – meet friends for a game of tennis, try trampolining, Zumba, dance class, go dog walking with your mates.

Do you have a fixed time for exercise or whenever you fancy it?

Fixed time – go to the gym, arrange a class at that specific time, walk the dogs at fixed times, team sports would be the same time each week. This type is better if you keep putting it off – put it in your diary and stick to it like it’s a meeting. Whenever you fancy – go for a walk, run or bike ride, pop to the Gym whenever you can, stick on an exercise DVD whenever you get a spare half an hour, hop on an exercise bike when you can.

Exercise doesn’t have to be boring – try some of these ideas to see what you enjoy......or even just tolerate it to help with your weight loss. If you find any fabulous new ideas (like Spinning classes in the pool or an exercise class on a giant trampoline) don’t forget to share with our friends on the Forum.


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