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Skin and weight loss

Loose skin can often be a big concern for people after Bariatric Surgery – is there anything you can do to avoid this?  Here are some major factors that should be taken into consideration straight from the off.

Your skin is known to be your bodies largest and fastest growing organ. Your skin is amazingly stretchy and expands to accommodate any increased growth our bodies may encounter.  Unfortunately, as you change shape the elasticity in your skin can be affected, and may not retract in the way we would hope it to.  The main factors that will impact on this is your age, how long you have been over weight and how much weight you have to lose. Also if you have yo-yo dieted for many years the changes in body weight may have an impact on this.

Losing weight can be a challenge on its own without thinking about anything else.  But doing it in a healthy controlled manor will assist how your skin recovers and retracts as your shape changes.

No one wants to be left with loose skin…… that is why it is so important to consider this factor straight from the start of your weight loss journey, so that you can start putting things in place straight from the off to help your skin out as much as you can.

Things to take into consideration that might help include……

  • A slow and steady weight loss is key –the ideal healthy weight loss is 1-2lbs a week even with a gastric band.  Any faster weight loss than this and you can end up losing muscle rather than fat and this can effect the definition in the body.  It also gives the skin time to adjust and tighten up.
  • A good healthy diet – helps and assists not only your weight loss but how your body reacts to this.   There are plenty of healthy diet articles in ‘The Library’ and ‘The Kitchen’ to help you out on this one.  It really is all about maintaining a good healthy textured diet, rich in nutrients and low in sugar and fat.
  • Drink up – keeping your hydration levels up may improve and assist your skin to function at its best.
  • Exercise – tone as you lose is a win win situation, gives you a good boost of endorphins too which is good for the sole.  Pop to the ‘The Gym’ for some good ideas on how to increase your level of activities.
  • Smoking and sun exposure – may impact the collagen production in our bodies also, so it is important to apply your sunscreen when jetting off to sunnier climates and stopping smoking will bring a whole host of body benefits, not just to your skin.
  • Cosmetic surgery – Is an option, some weight loss patients go on to have excess loose skin removed surgically if all else fails.  Please seek a good reputable provider if your considering surgical intervention. You've got to remember your skin is a marvellous organ and will retract back as much as it can but sometimes this might not always be enough. 
  • Good genetics helps too…… thanks mum…!!!!

Some patients can feel disappointed with there bodies during and after weight loss, and I have seen a whole new concern arise during many fabulous weight loss journeys in regards to loose skin.    Unfortunately this is one of the very few negative symptoms you may encounter throughout your journey, so you need to concentrate on all the other amazing positives instead and keep going.  Well done you.

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