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September 2021 – Step 9 of a 12 Month Programme

“Burn Baby Burn…!” 

Ever wished you could burn more calories without exerting yourself further at the Gym? It seems we are not alone. It might sound like a far cry from reality, but actually… can!

Whilst exercise is the only method of shaping up; staying active and using up your additional calories as energy is a great way to maintain a healthy weight to.

You don't have to break a sweat or put on your workout gear to burn off those extra calories. There are plenty of easy (and fun!) ways to do so.

I've rounded up the best ways to burn those extra pesky calories and there's not a Peloton Bike in sight!

  • Change your workouts on a regular basis to keep your body guessing. This will keep you motivated and prevent your body from becoming accustomed to the same routine. For example, follow a treadmill session with upper body strength training for one week, then move to lower body, then back to upper body. Switch things up the next week.
  • There is no gain without pain! You must go all out to get meaningful results. Push through a few extra repetitions when the workouts begin to burn. Push yourself to new heights.
  • Keep it simple, walking is an excellent kind of exercise. Research suggests, walking just 20 minutes, five days a week, will reduce body fat by 14 pounds over the course of a year, even if you don't modify your diet.

“Experts and research claim that the following can burn your calorie intake? Try it!”

  • You may shop till you drop! 243 calories are burned each hour by pushing a shopping trolley up and down the aisles of your local supermarket.
  • Become a God/Goddess of the home! Cleaning or doing housekeeping for one hour burns 240 calories!
  • You can burn 300 calories by gardening for an hour.
  • Just shaking your tail feather for 17 minutes will burn off 100 calories.
  • Do you normally order out? Try spending 30 minutes cooking instead to lose 100 calories.
  • Play with your kids for an hour and burn 230 calories!
  • Take a brisk walk during your lunch break and burn up to 250 calories.
  • Sexercise for 50 minutes will burn off 100 calories.
  • Instead of using the lift, walk the stairs to burn 10 calories per minute!
  • Burn 360 calories a night by getting at least eight hours of sleep.

So in September ………….

Ditch: the fizz and always have a bottle of water to hand.

Take up: Time Management. At the end of each day, make a list of how you will spend the next day and plan ahead

Pat yourself on the back: Sign up for a spin class or take up cycling.


Article by Mamuna Arshad - Aesthetic & Lifestyle Specialist

The Busy Girl’s Guide to Aesthetics

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