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Self-Love for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine's Day approaching, it's understandable if you're feeling conflicted. The day is usually filled with fairy tale movies, cheesy love ads, and a never-ending stream of relationship-related social media updates.

We all, undoubtedly have preconceived notions about what makes us happy on Valentine's Day. If you're already married, spending time with your partner in a romantic situation might be appealing. If you are single, spending time with friends and family may be an excellent way to pass the time, or you may simply prefer to be alone. Keep in mind that Valentine's Day is a day for everyone.

If you're single this year, the deluge of "insta love-ins and romantic trips" may be making you sick to your stomach, with a heaving reflux that threatens to project its own version of a Jackson Pollock painting all over living room walls. However, for some, the sheer desire to share beautiful moments with that someone is special. Makes us all fuzzy and warm….

Occasionally, we overlook the fact that the most essential connection we have is with ourselves. Although it may appear self-indulgent, emphasising self-compassion and self-care provides significant mental and physical health advantages.  Furthermore, devoting time to self-care is beneficial not just to you but also to those around you. A love connection with oneself has the potential to spread to others.

Here are a few ways to celebrate self-care and self-compassion on Valentine's Day and beyond.

Focus on what you want to do - In whatever simple self-care activities bring you joy, rest, or relaxation, show love for yourself and appreciation for the love that surrounds you. Connect with a friend, snooze, try a new home pastime, enjoy the outdoors, or eat a favoured cuisine. You'll be surprised at how quickly simple pleasures can bring you so much pleasure.

Look for the good in your life - It might be difficult to focus on the positive aspects of your life when the world is so chaotic. Instead, focus on the positive: write down or speak aloud three things for which you are thankful for.

Create a Culture of Long-Term Happiness and Positivity - Self-care is one of the most important aspects of self-love. Every act of self-care improves the amount of positive in your life by strengthening your love for yourself. The more positivity you come across, the happier you will be, and the happy you are, the more positivity will be mirrored in your surrounds. Create a new cycle for yourself that will help you along the way by focusing on genuine happiness.

Catch up with a friend - When things get tough, you want to be able to call on your closest friends. This implies safely social distancing or reaching out via Zoom on Valentine's Day. Use this time to reflect on the past, and don't be hesitant to express how you're feeling. Sharing what's upsetting you is a terrific way to relieve some of the pressure on your shoulders. It's likely that your buddies are dealing with comparable pressures.

Make arrangements - Having something to do on Valentine's Day (either alone or with others) might assist to distract you from your worries. Gather a group of pals in person or digitally for a movie or game night. The most essential thing is that you're surrounded by people who care about you, support you, and make you happy.

Switch off - While social media is a convenient method to keep connected, Valentine's Day may not be the greatest time to be looking through your accounts. Couples' images, exaggerated displays of love from influencers, and many Instagram posts of Valentine's Day feasts are virtually going to dominate the day. All of this may cause worry and lead you back into the abyss of feelings that is difficult to escape. Put your phone, iPad, or laptop away and find something else to do with your time.

Live In the Present Moment - It's natural to want to reflect on the past or be concerned about the future, to the point where you lose sight of the present moment. Every minute you are given is a one-of-a-kind gift. Make the most of it by being completely present. Self-care is a unique practise that teaches you how to appreciate all of life's wonders.


Article by Mamuna Arshad – Aesthetic, Lifestyle Specialist & COMPS Lecturer

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