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Hi Kim.
Welcome  to the site. I hope your surgery went well.
Many thanks for your comments.
With regards to the nutritional information on the recipes this is something we have chosen as a business not to provide. Whilst off course nutritional info is important it is on almost all packaging now so it’s easily accessible. There are also many tracking apps available now which cover the full nutritional breakdown and if you do wish to track that’s the way to know what your overall diet is like as opposed to individual recipes
Our business model is all about healthy eating, 3 small meals daily,  healthy  snacks if needed  and we concentrate on portion sizes as  opposed  to calculating calories, fat, carbs etc. we do encourage a good protein intake but there is plenty of info on the site about achieving this and many of our recipes are based around high protein foods. We don’t encourage tracking intake as a general rule as we advocate that your  surgery is now your weight loss tool so you should no longer feel like you are on a diet. Many people choose to track and that’s their personal choice so is absolutely fine.
It’s also about what your overall intake is like too – we could provide the nut info for all of our recipes but that wouldn’t necessarily  mean your overall intake was healthy or well balanced. That’s what your appointments with the dietetic team are for – to give you personalised advice tailored to fit your individual needs.
In terms of portion sizes everybody is so different , especially in the early stages after surgery, so what one person can manage would be completely different to another so the portion sizes are a guide.
Generally we  advise as long as the portions fit onto the BandBoozled plate  in the correct proportions then they are within our guidance. If a lot less is is managed  then that’s when the dietetic team would be looking to add in healthy snacks in between meals to add extra nutrition.
The BandBoozled  website is provides information and support as an addition to your aftercare but it isn’t meant to replace the expertise of the dietetic team and the support from your provider.
We haven’t got plans to add the nutritional information onto all of our recipes yet but we hope you enjoy them anyway and can make use of all the other information on the site.
Bedt of luck with your weight  loss journey and shout if you need any help xx

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