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Hi Scott

Some discomfort can be normal as you transition in these early days, until your body and new tum start to get used to the change in the consistency of the food. Maybe take it back to puree/fluids to allow any irritation to settle for a day or so and try again. Maybe sure your soft diet is nice and sloppy too, maybe add additional sauces/gravy if need be. Good to see you are doing the 20+ rule. Over time as the swelling and scar tissue settles and softens this should allow more room in the stomach to increase your portion sizes.

For now tho it is about small and regular to enable you are hitting a decent level of nutritional for health and well being. And what little diet you eat make sure it is nutritional. You may need to add in additional high protein shakes/yoghurts/water even to help hit levels. Don’t forget to keep up your hydration with a minimum of 1.5ltrs of clear fluids and your multivitamins daily 🙂

It may be wise to call and book a nutritional call in also with your provider so they can help support you and give you a full assessment

If you have Facebook – dont forget we have a close group ‘BandBoozled Bariatrics’ for more support with others members on their weight loss journey

Best of luck and do keep us posted on how you are getting on xx

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