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Hi Gayle

ah the joys of the ore- op diet. It can be so hard but keep going.

You do need to stick the the foods  and the portion guidelines for the evening meal so you don’t get an awful lot of variation I’m afraid. As long as you stick with the same ingredients   you can vary the meal a little ( provided almost  no extra calories are used). So the chicken could be stir fried in spray oil  with the veg  for  example and a dash of soy sauce added. Or the ingredients could be used to make a batch of soup with a stock cube

make sure you drink loads of fluids – at least 2 litres water daily and take your multivitamin and mineral supplement.  A tall glass, loads of ice, sparkling water and a dash of sugar free squash might be more appealing than just water 😃. Or blend sugar free lime juice, water, loads of ice and add a few sprigs of mint

You could have a sugar free jelly every day too

keep busy and distract yourself if you get hungry

uiu can also mix and match the pre- op options. If option : doesn’t suit you try options 1 or 2

Thus us the first step on your new weight loss journey. 😘 you can do this xx

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