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Team BandBoozled

Hi Julie

Thanks for the dietary insight and good to hear you are healing good and things are going to plan

Ok a few things we can advise prior to you speaking with the dietitian

Try to increase the texture of your food now, at 6 weeks post op you should be able to tolerate textures. So look towards more crunchy food that needs plenty of chewing – check out the 20+ rule for mechanics of eating guidance off the site to support you more. Work on a plate with a 6″ circumference – work with portions 1/2 plate protein, 1/4 veggies-salad, 1/4 carbs if possible

Try looking at your protein intake, you should be hitting a minimal of 60g a day. This will help massively with hunger too. We know you cannot get a lot in at once so it is ok to have smaller meals more regular if hunger is a concern or add in some high protein snacks

And just to reassure you fantastic weight loss to date..go you…!! it really isn’t uncommon for the weight loss to slow down, your body needs to catch up the with initial loss and the replenishing of the liver in the early months. You are not eating excessive so I’m sure in time once your body has levelled itself out this will kick back in.

Are you getting in some exercise, now you are 6 weeks post you can get a plan in place, helps with the toning too

Keep in touch and let us know did this help at all with the hunger

You really are doing well, it is just about finding your feet with your new way of life

Well done you xx

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