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Hi Emma, welcome to the site sorry to hear you are so fed up 🙁   so glad you found us, hopefully we can help you gain some control back – weight loss is hard even following surgery and especially a few years down the road when you’re not as switched on or you develop some eating habits that can sabotage your journey

Ok 7 years hey, can we just gain a little more about your surgery and journey to date so we can get the whole picture and how we can really help you get back on track – so you’ve had a sleeve we see

Can you give us a rough idea of your daily diet…??   what are your portions sizes like and how is the hunger

Do you take your vitamins? level of exercise? any issues with eating or symptoms?

Good to see you have joined the Facebook group too….. the site is a mix of all the surgeries but some members on there a few years in and feeling a little lost…. it’s a great site you  will love it, join in, absolutely no judgements from this bunch  what so ever

You’ve already started the process of change by joining today, you have committed and invested in wanting to change so please don’t be so hard on yourself and let’s help you put some achievable goals in place to start to see some progress again

Exciting times… it’s been a crazy year hasn’t it which hasn’t helped…. draw a line and believe in yourself, you can do this xx




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