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Hi Laura. Different surgeons tend to have their own opinions and guidelines on post – op eating which is why the advice varies so much between different providers. That’s usually because it’s based on experience as opposed to actual evidence because there isn’t that many studies done on this.

At BandBoozled we follow a variety of surgeons advice but always recommend you must follow your own providers guidelines. They have their own surgeons and advice.

Our general advice is to take things slowly , follow the 20+ rule and if you do have a food  thst doesn’t agree with you omit it from your diet for awhile before re- trying it at a later date.

There are some foods we call problem foods like stringy veg, rice, doughy carbs and tough meats ( more info on the site ) so we recc leaving these till last to try.

Our guidelines here are :

2 weeks liquids

1 week puree

1 week soft

then slowly re- introduce normal foods

Have a look in the kitchen for more puree options   It’s the skin on baked beans that might be tough but should break down if blended really well

Keep us posted of your progress and shout if you need further help xx



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