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Morning All,


I have to be honest. Diet wise I haven’t been that good. I’ve been feeling sorry for myself and generally just fed up so I’ve been eating all the wrong things. Not that I can eat much but what I could eat wasn’t what I should. Hadn’t even been keeping up with my vitamins. Depression is a very self destructive occurrence. Feeling much better today and I’m back on it now like a car bonnet 😂😂😂 I’ve three pounds off since Saturday so that’s a start. I’ve went back to basics. No good stuff at all. My wee plate and fork are back out in force and I’m having protein shake for breakfast. Two egg omelette with tomato and chicken for lunch and last night I had a piece of salmon and some spring veg and I’m drinking properly again. God only knows what lunch will be today. How do you feel about this whole fasting thing? I found an app and thought I might give it a go. I think people (me) get complacent after the surgery and think wow I can eat what I like and I’ll still lose weight. You don’t. Calories are still calories!!!! Depression is a killer. Ruins your mindset when it takes hold. I’ve also discovered that dairy products aren’t my friend.  Exercise with Igor the hernia is beyond uncomfortable but I’m still having a go on my rowing machine and stepper and I walk every morning. I started at 136.4 kilos I think and I’m now 93 so still quite a bit to go but it’s not even been six months so I should be grateful I’ve even got this far considering for the last month I’ve behaved like a deranged numptie!!!! All advice greatly appreciated.

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