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No, i havnt been doing any exercise. I had an infection in my wounds that are slowly drying up now, so didnt want to put any pressure on them.

I havnt had it checked recently. Yeah, i feel like im having plenty of food and fluids. For instance today, ive had plenty of fluids, breakfast chicken salad for lunch, normal gastric band portion as usual. Then, later this afternoon, i started to feel a little faint and woozey. I was just sitting doing some work on my laptop, so nothing too strenuous. I had some food, mainly protein and salad again, ate it slow as usual, but after i felt awful. It was like being really drunk and on a boat. I had a lie down, struggled with trapped wind for a bit and now i feel perfectly fine and normal. This has happened a few times. Last time i had to have a few squares of chocolate as it felt like i had really low blood sugar and i was ok afterwards. Its like my body just drains of all its energy. Cant function like i would usually. I know it sounds ridiculous, but i just dont feel myself when it happens.

I mentioned it to my dietitian and now im having monthly calls to check everything is ok. She mentioned something about something post diabetic type of thing. I just wanted to see if this was normal? Or whether i should get it checked out? I feel like if i needed my BP checking now it would be ok.


Sorry for rambling. Just get a bit worried sometimes when it happens.






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