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Morning Maddie,

Right… lets fix this. I am 13 weeks post gastric sleeve and I have to be honest with you my darling. It’s not been the easiest 13 weeks and I have moaned on here like a trooper BUT let me tell you about all the good points in those 13 weeks.

1, I couldn’t walk to my kitchen sink without crying my poor hubby had to drag a 21 stone plus Lou through the airport going for my surgery. Don’t ask me how but I was able to walk unaided back onto that plane after it but I could and now I am walking two plus miles every day. Believe me I really couldn’t.

2, my wedding ring is back on. Hasn’t been in four years

3, I can see my feet!!! Who knew I even had some and they have dropped a whole size

4, I am in control of what I put in my gob now. I never was before  somehow you learn very quickly what works for you and what doesn’t and you instinctively make better choices. I still have the odd lindor chocolate but it is just one  not a 1kg bag.

5, I’m dropping sizes like there is no tomorrow. I started a good size 24 plus. I’m comfortably in a pair of size 18 skinny jeans and boots go over my calves!!!

6, I have so much more energy and I sleep like a baby

7, I am looking forward to the summer this year. No I won’t be at my goal but I won’t be the size of a baby whale hiding in a jumper either

8, I am rocking colour!!! Everything I owned was black!!! Today I’m wearing a royal blue top. Go me!!!

9, I am five stone and 1lb lighter than I was in 13 weeks!!!! I don’t snack on crap, I’ve been out for dinner loads now. I don’t feel deprived because I can have something really tasty and only have a little to fill me up.

10, the biggest one of all. My diabetes is in remission as they call it. I am off all medication and no longer look like a bruised pin cushion.

11, I am positive in going forward. Life certainly isn’t perfect but I’m not comfort eating every time something goes wrong.

I know it’s daunting and it is scary and there are loads of negatives. This isn’t a quick fix nor is it a cure all. It’s a tool to help you get to where you want to be. It’s good to have the reality before you go into it and be disappointed. I expected to be at least six stone lighter in the first week. Sadly that wasn’t the case lol. You can’t eat like a pig anymore and you miss those things at the start, it’s a big lifestyle change, but to be honest when you weigh it all up eating like a pig got you to this place in the first place. A place where your unhealthy, unhappy and considering surgery in the first place. I promise you with all my heart and with all the negatives I wouldn’t change a single thing, because do you know what this surgery does? It gives you the opportunity to be yourself… the you that you want to be and have struggled like the rest of us to achieve on your own and we will hold your hand the rest of the way. Your not alone. Big hugs xxxx

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