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Hey Katie

Congrats on your surgery and welcome to the site, great to see you posting for support.  Everyone on this site I’m sure is feeling what you are to some degree or have done along their own journey.  Especially at 1 week post op, on fluids only and dealing with the whole effects of surgery and healing I can fully understand why you are having a little blip moment.  Its almost like the first reality check and smack bang when people have a little wobble normally – but hopefully the reality of it once everything has settled and you are back eating normal textures you will hopefully see that life really isn’t going to be that bad as maybe what your mind is telling you right now.  Yes there will certainly be significant lifestyle changes, but these are mainly for the best and hopefully you can figure this out in your head too and accept and enjoy the new healthier you going forward.  The surgery will help with this, as portions control and hunger are not going to be what you remember, so this really does help the process of change.

So I’m sure you will miss the old you and things you used to do and enjoy – because as humans we are creatures of habit and don’t often take change easy.   I am sure this surgery is something you have thought long and hard about and haven’t just jumped in, I’m sure you were clued up what the surgery is all about, but unfortunately there is nothing that can prepare you in advance for post op.  So don’t beat yourself up, keep your chin up.. this is a whole new journey for you, you are bound to have some uncertainties and worries along the way… Take each day as it comes, heal and recover and try to figure this whole situation out.. Seek help and support from the team here and your aftercare team with your provider.

So for now get some preps to help you go the loo, make sure you are getting enough fluids in… keep up and mobile, helps keep the bodily functions ticking over, as well as keeping the mind focused and giving a little blood flow boost.

Hey don’t talk to us about impatient, if it didn’t happen 5 mins ago I’m fuming haha – women are a funny old bunch aren’t we but i wouldn’t change us…!!!

Keep up the posts – Lou is a little after you in your journey and maybe able to give you some invaluable knowledge too

Big hugs xx

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