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Morning lovelies, awwwww thank you. I just chat away and tell it how I see it. Or as my husband would say. Sometimes I lack a filter lol 😂

Im with you on this one Pat I think I was sold a dream too but not in a bad way it’s a dream I can actually aspire too and hopefully reach instead of the “Monday morning here we go again blues” I was out for dinner last night. It’s hysterical ordering a kids meal and only eating a 1/4 of it. I never knew eating out could be so cheap lol. It amazes me how little fills me up and I wore skinny jeans. Go me 😂. I actually wish I could take my bandboozled plate with me. I’m surprised how I’m even ordering healthy now. Everything isn’t calorific sauce covered anymore and I can taste the flavours because I have to eat slow. I’m still struggling with the lack of liquids with my food though.

Anyways I’m off to stalk the postman. I’ve been phoneless now for ten days. Dropped my lovely new one out of my pocket and into a puddle while walking the dog. Could have cried. First new one my sim didn’t work in it so it had to go back and this morning if my tracking is correct the new one will be here and I can rejoin the human race again xo

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