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Bodytalk is the art of your body being able to communicate and heal itself. Pass me the tie dyed t shirt right now lol

I was coerced into having a session by a cousin. Thought this is £60 and 45 minutes of my life I’m never getting back again and came out completely different than I went in. I had my eating disorder and I tried everything to stop it I had one session of bodytalk and for some reason it worked for me. I regained my control and I have never looked back. I never made myself sick again and at that point I was doing it five times a day. It’s in no way a cure system and some might say it’s all in my head but I could argue back that isn’t everything but it worked for me.
The lady that did my session became a very good friend and we’ve worked together on other things. Through her I took some bodytalk beginner classes and then did her reiki classes until I became a master and now I can teach it. Through this whole self discovery phase I then trained as a life coach and a nutrition consultant. I didn’t do these things for other people. I wanted to help myself have a better understanding. The way i figure it you can’t have too many tool in your toolbox to get you through this life and knowledge is power. I learned how to meditate properly and I take ten minutes out of every single morning using an app on my phone and no matter if I’m happy, sad, angry I use those ten minutes with my headphones on to have a guided mediation and get rid off all the negativity to start my day as positively as I can. I’ve also stopped being my biggest critic. I’ve realised there are enough people who will criticise me that I don’t need to join their party. I celebrate now when I do something good. Little things. I maybe have a bubble bath and lie in it and read my book or have my nails done. Or if I’ve been super deluxe good at something I’ll buy shoes. I love shoes!!! I think the secret for me was to stop feeling guilty all the time. So what if I have something I shouldn’t or if I haven’t done something on time or if I haven’t lost 5lbs this week. I’ll do better next week. Right now at this moment I’m doing the best I can and I’m worth that treat or a little pat on the back. If you learn to like yourself and treat yourself with kindness you find any journey a lot easier. Mentally we are programmed to be hardest on ourselves. You wouldn’t treat your best friend with the contempt you treat yourself yet when it boils down to it you’ve got to be your own best friend before you can be anyone else’s. I think realising and appreciating how wonderful our poor bodies are is key and celebrating ourselves, celebrate every pound or every inch. This is tough going and it’s a whole of life change. For me, having that self worth and feeling that I’m enough is what’s keeping me on track xo


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