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Mother’s Day ideas by Mamuna

Looking forward to being spoiled on Mothering Sunday? Stuck for ideas?


For many of us, Mother’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate a selfless act of life-long devotion. Today, we celebrate all mums, including stepmothers, surrogates, foster mums, even a relation who has stepped in to dedicate themselves unconditionally to you or others you may know. Let’s not forget the fathers who are both mum and dad due to unexpected circumstances and for those of you whose mothers have past, it is a time of remembrance, love, light and prayer. Mother’s Day is unequivocally, a time of true appreciation and gratitude.


This year has been full of unforeseen twists and turns. In previous years, we would have been organising Mother's Day celebrations in our homes, restaurants, cafes, or in pubs to show our mothers just how much we love them, surrounded by loved ones. However, what none of us planned for was that we would still have Covid-19 pandemic measures in place. Though there is light at the end of the tunnel - as of the 8th ofMarch, you can meet one person socially outdoors and for those in care homes they will be allowed to receive one regular visitor...hoorah! so seeing mum is a real possibility. For those not able to, one thing is for sure, after nearly a year of restrictions, at least we know how to meet virtually! Not quite the same, I know but it’s best to put the health and safety of loved ones first.


Whatever your circumstances, there are already plenty of enjoyable ways to mark Mother's Day in 2021, and this blog post is chock-full of tips and ideas.


Days gone by...use your childhood memories of standout moments to reminisce over all those nostalgic feelings of days past. Revisiting past recollections is a fab way to show your appreciation for your mum. For example, perhaps, you helped your mum bake a banana cake when you were 7 years old and it holds a special place for the both of you or when you became a mum for the first time and how blessed it was to have your mum with you. Well thought out and selected recollections are valued greatly; take another example, favourite family photographs. Re-enactments are so much fun, re-creating a family picture from years gone by is not only a hoot but certainly memorable that holds huge sentimental value.

Leave notes- I love the idea of planting little notes of all the things you love about your mum in her house, garden and car. You may need to recruit a helper (with restrictions in place) i.e., your dad.  There are many ways to express your love including letter writing, I still feel it’s a delightful gift that is timeless and above all a wonderful keepsake for years to come. I’m also in love with the idea of leaving a trail of messages to be found, leading to a special and unforgettable gift, I guarantee this is fun for all involved.

Get crafty– This Mother's Day, surprise your mother with homemade specifics that will make her feel extra special! It is time to get creative and think outside the box. Some of the best gifts are ones that come from the heart.There are so many options when it comes to finding the right present for Mother's Day that the whole family can participate in by creating the perfect card, baking a nice surprise, or crafting your Mother's Day gift from little treasures and finds in and around your home. Crafts are so personal and unique as well as fun and are easy to create and will bring the biggest smile to all involved, as well as your mum! If you are stuck for ideas, there are a ton online to seek inspiration from.

Do it virtually - Not everybody is fortunate enough to have all their relatives live in the same area. With so many miles, obligations, and reasons dividing us during this uncertain time, being together as a family can be challenging.Whilst most of us are unable to be there in person, we can use various media platforms to virtually connect and feel united with our loved ones. Since 2020, social platforms using video calls have been a source of comfort. We have all found ways to collectively come together despite a global pandemic.  So why not set time to enjoy a Mother’s Day lunch date together with all the family to mark the celebrations. Interactive participation can be so much fun not to mention a day to remember for a well-planned occasion.

Of course, there are other gift ideas including the following:

Sensory Spa - Mother’s Day gift baskets are the perfect gift for mum! Celebrate Mother’s Day with a luxury spa gift basket. This is one gift she is sure to love. All women love candles and offers the ultimate occasion for mums to unwind.

Is there anything more soothing than a long soak in the bath? Give your mum the chance to enjoy an evening in the tub with natural bath treats including face masks, body scrubs and moisturisers, free from nasty chemicals and preservatives. Don’t forget; rejuvenating bath oils perfect for a pampering present, a gift your mum will not be able to thank you enough for, I’m sure.

Glowing Skin-Looking good is important to everyone and beautiful skincare sets are always well received as a present. While anti-ageing products can be a sore subject for some women, your skin's needs change as you get older and require different ingredients to maintain their youthful glow. This is particularly true as keeping wrinkles and lines at bay can sometimes be a struggle. There are many skin brands to choose from, be sure to match her skin type to the product and do some research before purchasing.

Scent of a woman-Flowers are a typical Mother’s Day gift, but unfortunately, they don’t last forever, so this year why not try gifting her with a floral scent instead? Fragrances are a spring staple and a perfume must-have; your mum may already have a signature perfume and may welcome a box set including body lotion to hold the scent longer. It’s sure to be something very special for the most important woman in your life.

Chocolate Dream - The sweet stuff doesn’t have to always be avoided if you or your mum are trying to live a healthier lifestyle. Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants and has a handful of health benefits – including its ability to improve cognitive function, keep your heart healthy and lower your cholesterol (all in moderation). Plus, there are even vegan and diabetic options available too! 

Last but not least, don’t forget to celebrate you. Make sure you appreciate just how loved you are and dance it out!

Article by Mamuna Arshad – Aesthetic Specialist

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