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Mix & Match Meal Plans – Textured

As you know for the most part following your weight loss surgery you will be on textured foods. These are the foods that work best for you and maximise your weight loss.

Don’t forget the 20+ rule

Simply choose a breakfast option a lunch option and a dinner option


  1. Granary toast with turkey rashers and grilled tomato
  2. High protein vanilla yoghurt sprinkled with a little low sugar muesli
  3. Low sugar granola with fresh berries and low fat natural yoghurt
  4. Poached egg topped with finely chopped chives served with a small slice of wholemeal toast
  5. Baked beans on a toasted granary thin topped with a small slice of chopped, low fat bacon
  6. Pepper and mushroom omelette sprinkles with fresh, chopped basil
  7. Avocado flatbread – small toasted flatbread topped with mashed avocado then a poached egg with freshly ground black pepper


  1. Crackers with hummus topped with sliced peppers
  2. Pitta pocket stuffed with tuna, very low-fat mayo and finely chopped spring onions and cucumber
  3. Pasta salad – penne pasta with vinaigrette dressing, feta cheese peppers, tomatoes, cucumber and radish
  4. Toasted granary thin with sliced chicken, shredded lettuce and sliced yellow pepper. Top with a little low-fat salad cream if desired
  5. Jacket potato with veggie chilli – remember to eat the skin
  6. Lunchtime pizza – add tomato puree and a sprinkle or oregano and mixed herbs to a mini wholemeal wrap. Sprinkle on a little low fat grated cheese and top with your favourite healthy toppings – pop in the oven until ready
  7. Smoked salmon salad – quick and easy – add a slice of smoked salmon to a mixed green leaves, sweetcorn, red onion, gherkin and black olives. Add a sliced chilli to give it a kick!



  1. Pine nut pasta – pasta with pesto, add a handful of pine nuts and serve on a crisp, green salad
  2. Prawn wrap – stir fry prawns, peppers and onions in spray oil, add a little soy sauce and serve in a wholemeal mini wrap. Serve with a small side salad
  3. Chicken burger – mini chicken fillets marinated in garlic and lemon juice – cook thoroughly and add to a small toasted bun. Serve with pepper, carrot and cucumber sticks
  4. Homemade chilli served in mini soft taco shells – top with some shredded lettuce and a little dollop of salsa
  5. Honey and sesame salmon – griddled salmon topped with honey and sesame seeds served on a small bed of noodles and a side salad
  6. Garlic and lemon chicken tray bake – chicken thighs on a baking tray topped with lemon juice, black pepper and garlic salt, add sliced peppers and red onion and sprinkle with fresh, chopped parsley
  7. Quick stir fry – prawns, poultry or suitable meat strips plus any suitable veg you have in – broccoli, onions, peppers, courgettes, baby corn, carrots, mage tout, green beans etc. – stir fry in spray oil, add a little soy sauce and serve with rice or noodles

Don’t forget to keep snacks to a minimum – try and have fruit if you fancy something between meals. If you do fancy a treat try and limit them to now and again and < 100 kcals

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