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Melissa’s less than 100 cal snacks

Under 100 calorie snacks


Thanks Melissa Tiley-Waters for the share of a few of your favourite less than 100 calorie snacks. Just be mindful of the fact that you could get dumping syndrome with some high carb/ fat snacks to be careful with these

Taste Inc chicken fillets (individual snack packs) 45-50 cals

mini packs of fridge raiders 47-67 calories

mini pepperami 40 cals

mini babybel lights 42 cals

light alpen bars 99 cals

Tesco healthy living cereal bars 68 cals

pink and whites (wafers/marshmallow) 59 cals

Ryvita dark Rye 43 cals

dairylea Dunkers just over at 120 cals

2 skinless skinny Richmond sausages 66 calories

quavers 86 calories

snack a jacks 89 cals bag or 40 cals cake

Little fruit items (tangerines, raisins, dry fruit in little packets) ranging from 50 to 100 cals

Goodness fruit bars 37 calories

4 marshmallows 100 cals,

ready made sugar free jelly pots 8-10 cals

Batchelors cup a soup 99 calories

Tesco healthy living cup a soups 70 cals

Whitworth's seeds and chocolate shots 93 cals

2 melba toasts and a laughing cow light 50 cals

Fibre one cake bars 99 cals

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