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Looking at the Bigger Picture

By James Griffiths PT

March is here and hopefully it can stop raining. The clocks go forward at the end of the month and I think that brings people more optimism and joy.


Keeping on the subject of being positive, I want to use today to encourage you to get a bigger picture perspective on your progress. So often I hear this line from clients.


“The scales went up, I’ve had a bad week”


It’s hard to see clients beat themselves up because they think they have failed. What normally happens when you dig a little further is that things are actually much more positive than they first seem.


People still seem to place such an importance on what the scale says, when there can be more at play. I will share with you a comment a client made a few years ago to highlight how blinded by scale weight we can get.


“I don’t think I’ve changed much, but I have dropped two dress sizes”


Yes you read that right TWO dress sizes! I jokingly said you don’t think you have changed much but you actively had to go out and buy smaller clothes? This is the take home message: the weight isn’t always going to tell you the full story. 


You can look for:


  • Tape measurements going down.
  • Progress pictures looking different.
  • Work clothes feeling looser.
  • Friends/partners commenting on your progress.


to name but a few. So, I want you to stop making the scales become the sad step. Make sure you are taking multiple measures so you get the full pictures of your progress.


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