Laura’s Gastric Sleeve Journey in Turkey


In 2016 at a weight of about 14.5st bmi of about 32, i made a big decision to undergo gastric band weight loss  surgery, All my life have fluctuated hugely with weights from being  a size 8 to also a size 22. This decision wasn’t  taken lightly, i had 2 small children and a partner and due to get married in 2018 i desperately wanted to be a stable happy weight for my self and my family.

I decided to not tell anyone apart from parents and partner about  my band thinking it would be nice and straight forward, although for some people this is the case in unfortunately for me it was not something i was able to archive my band journey  only got me so far... i got to a nice size for my wedding in 2018 and i felt beautiful at a nice 10ish stone, However, it was a little bit complicated for me and i couldn’t  develop a reasonable relationship  with food  i couldn’t find my sweet spot and just when i thought i had i would get stressed or a cold and i would be to restricted and needing another adjustment.

With having a hectic lifestyle being a wife, a mum and working full time on shifts i knew something had to change for me. I began gaining weight again, Then 13 stone with a BMI of 31 again at a point where i wouldn’t get on any pictures with my family, i would avoid nights out and just turned 30 i should have felt in my prime so i went i search of another solution. Don’t get me wrong i have always been moderately active, i would go through phases of exercise and not exercising like people do but i couldn’t  gain control of the gains that is when i found Get Slim In Turkey surgery facilitators.

On the 20thJuly this year i flew to turkey when lock down lifted and i went to get a band removal and gastric sleeve conversion, again this wasn’t a decision taken lightly, we all know the risks of having any procedure but this time i was going abroad and i did not know what to expect. I followed other patients of theirs, i spoke to get slim many of times directly by phone email and WhatsApp and i was so impressed another two power women like Tracey and Amanda, ready to help others archive their goals and had had this surgery themselves.

On the 21stJuly i had my sleeve surgery  and i can honestly say from the bottom of my heart it has changed my life, i hit my weight of 9st 5lb on week 18, how amazing, now with a healthy BMI of 22 i feel so for filled and i no longer worry about my weight for the first time in my life. I am now maintaining and i this week i have started with a personal trainer to start toning. Up until now i haven’t  exercised at all and i cant wait to get into shape.

I am eating all textures of food in very small portions, i am never ever hungry and i am enjoying life more than ever. I have received  so much  support from bandboozled  over the years and i have never felt alone in either of my journey’s, from dietary advice to band fills and aspirations, exercise regimes and emotional support Nic and Sue are unbelievable and are fully dedicated to us all to help us archive our goals.

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