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June 2021 – Step 6 of a 12 Month Programme

Invest in Healthy Relationships

“Make time to check in with family and friends! Healthy relationships bring happiness and health to our lives”.
Take this opportunity to assess the wellbeing of all types of relationships, whether you're looking to build bridges, reduce stress, be more involved with your children, spend quality time with your family, or actually invest time in yourself.

In terms of our needs, relationships can be rewarding, but they can also be unpredictable and fragile. In any relationship, maintaining a happy and stable state of mental and emotional wellbeing is difficult, but it is possible if you want it to be. Have an open mind, free of bias, prejudice, and criticism. Allowing healthy partnerships to grow and prosper necessitates allowing them to do so.

Good relationships include communication, trust, and loyalty! Open up your dialect and express yourself without offending someone or being impolite. Being conscious and having empathy helps to heal and soothe fears and issues. Be adaptable, dependable, and reliable. Maintain a realistic perspective on the objectives.... We can't expect someone to be what we want them to be. Acceptance is a key component of a healthy relationships.
Don’t forget to please yourself!

Enjoy your space. It's not always that you get to be by yourself in your own personal space. The normal routine is to go to work, attend to problems, meet deadlines, be there for your family, etc. There are so many activities and things to take care of, that you drain all your energy and you may hardly find time for yourself.
Finding your Happy Place - It’s where you go when you need a mood boost, a reset and a fresh outlook. It’s a break from chaos, a respite from the madness, a retreat from uncertainty, a haven from stress and a shot of vitality. It's the spot that you are most at ease, it’s your happy place.

So in June...............
Ditch: Harmful Gossiping, it seriously isn’t cool! People get hurt.
Take up: An activity that brings people together.
Pat yourself on the back: Get involved with the community. Be helpful and supportive.

Article by Mamuna Arshad - Aesthetic & Lifestyle Specialist
The Busy Girl’s Guide to Aesthetics

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