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Importance of Sleep on the Weight Loss Journey

Did you know? Adequate sleep is SO essential to helping us manage our appetite, and hence weight loss.

Both the quality (e.g., enough REM, or deep sleep) and the quantity (hours) are important.

Without adequate sleep we are less likely to make the better decisions food-wise and will crave larger amounts of carbohydrate and sugar through the day as the body tries to regain energy. 🍭 🍬

Everyone is so different in terms of how much sleep they need. How can you be sure that you’re getting enough? 👇

A good rule of thumb to whether you’re getting enough sleep is simply whether you wake up feeling refreshed in the morning. If you regularly wake up feeling groggy, unrefreshed and lacking energy it may well be that you’d benefit from going to bed an extra hour or two earlier in the evening. Or improving your sleeping environment (removing lights/ sounds).

Why not try it out for a night or two and see how it benefits you and your appetite ? 🥰

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