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Need a little inspiration to get to the Gym. Here are plenty of hints and tips to get you moving – exercise is addictive once you start…..Go on take them first steps to a fitter healthier you…You’ll be hooked before you know.

  • Ok so not everyone is a Gym Bunny but generally they are easy accessible – pretty much every town has one
  • None where you are? could gradually build a home Gym in the house or garage or even the shed
  • They are warm and cosy – so ideal with the Great British Weather
  • There is usually something to suit everyone – normal light weights through to the big body builders section
  • The bigger gyms usually have a range of classes – from the gentler yoga or Pilates to the strenuous body pump or body combat
  • Does your Gym have a pool – great – swimming is such a great all rounder as far as exercise goes. Lovely in the winter to escape the cold weather.......refreshing and cool in the hotter summer months
  • Need a little extra help .......maybe a tailor-made workout – see if your Gym has any personal trainers. Usually at an extra coast but well worth it to get results!!
  • Got medical problems – make sure you have a proper induction from a qualified member of staff!!!
  • Not feeling fit .........go at your own pace. Start slowly and build it up over time
  • Too embarrassed for the Gym – Why? You have as much right to be there as anyone else. People really don’t take much notice of other people and are busy concentrating on their own workout – fake confidence until you feel it
  • Take a friend for moral support – a workout buddy keeps you going and you may feel less self conscious  if you have someone with you
  • You can lose weight without exercising but it will be slower and your body won’t look as good in your summer bikini or shorts
  • The gym can be quite a sociable place – you make new friends..........or even a future partner

So take that next step to the Gym and let’s get to your goal weight a whole lot quicker!!!!

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