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February 2021-Step 2 of 12 month programme

Feng Shui your Mind, Body & Soul!  

Make your mind, body, and soul totally clear this month. De clutter your address book, emails, mobile phone, Instagram, FaceBook and lose all emotional baggage that comes with it. Clinging onto unhealthy people, even outdated emotions and opinions, literally holds you back. Be brave and attack negativity head on!

Feng Shui your Mind, Body & Soul !

An ancient and wise approach to the way our environment affects us. The way we feel and the way we act is affected by the environment which surrounds us. This art is not only applied to the living environment but can help you in all aspects of your life.

Feng shui teaches us how to plan and re-arrange our space to provide us with the correct balance and harmony. Simple items may become obstructive to the peace we experience, such as the location we put our desk in, or the friends and family we have.

The way chi moves and acts as an invisible force is studied by feng shui. In order to achieve harmony and balance, Chi denotes energy, which is always changing and moving and depends on the five elements in order to achieve harmony and balance.

Step 2 of 12 month programme,Complementary treatments, like Feng Shui, use the Senses and Elements to expose you to new experiences, using the combined elements of fire, water, touch and smell. Treatments include Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Water/Hydro/Heat therapy, Indian Head Massage and Facial Acupoint treatment.

Healing through Treatments, both classical and modern can facilitate a centred mental and physical state and purge the body of unwanted and undesired stress.

Taking time for you is even more important when we consider how little time that we now spend on ourselves. Due to increased work pressure or a hectic lifestyle that many of us live making sure that you have ’‘time out’ is even more imperative. De-clutter your home, work environment and wardrobe!

So in February………….

Ditch: Get rid of all your unwanted clobber

Take up: Mindfulness meditation. Take five minutes every so often to focus on what you’re doing.

Complementary Therapies: Find a space and, light a candle or slow burn an infusion stick.

Pat yourself on the back for:Switching from coffee to warming herbal teas.


Article by Mamuna Arshad

The Busy Girl’s Guide to Aesthetics

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