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Christmas Dinner on all Diet Stages post op

Christmas dinner can be enjoyed by everybody to a certain extent – no matter what stage of the journey you are at. But we aren’t going to lie – it might be a far cry from your usual Christmas dinner for some:
Liquid Stage: Smooth, blended turkey soup –  you can’t beat homemade soup on a cold, winters day ( see below) 
Puree Diet: You can puree your xmas dinner with extra gravy – blend well until a smooth paste – it is much more palatable to puree the components of the meal separately, so you don’t end up with a brown mush
Soft Diet: Blended turkey with mashed potatoes and mashed veg, extra gravy. Alternatively try turkey mince with soft vegetables and potatoes. 
Textured Diet: – enjoy your usual Christmas dinner but don’t forget the 20+ rule and your BandBoozled plate
There is no reason to miss out on Christmas treats but portions will just be smaller. Do be careful with dumping syndrome though if you have had a gastric bypass operation (and sometimes a sleeve) - go easy on any sugary and fatty foods

Alcohol intake tends to go up after the Christmas period, but you can choose this wisely to keep the calories down – spirits with low calorie mixers or wine instead of beers and baileys. Remembering to avoid fizzy drinks for bypass/sleeve



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