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BandBoozled’s Quick Guide to Adding Herbs

Nobody likes bland foods but adding salt really isn’t good for you - why not add some herbs instead – but what goes with what?


Basil– great for adding to tomato-based dishes or those with garlic, olive oil and lemon – Mediterranean style cooking!!

Chives– Goes lovely with onions, cheese or egg dishes. Try sprinkling them over soup or chop finely and add them to salads

Dill– Excellent with fish especially salmon. It is also fabulous chopped over scrambled eggs. Add at the last minute to keep the flavour

Mint– Good with fish, lamb and fruit. This has a strong, fresh flavour and you really can’t beat it with a roast leg of lamb

Parsley– Mostly used as a garnish and can be added to most things – soup, salads, fish.......

Rosemary– Good with lamb, pork, oily fish and tomatoes. This herb has an aromatic flavour This is also lovely with roast beef or lamb

 Coriander– Compliments chicken and fish very well.  They are also super tasty with roast vegetables. Add at the last moment to keep in the flavour

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