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Following weight loss surgery, portion sizes are so important. Rather than worrying about what “diet” you are on or how many calories you should eat each day, try and concentrate on having healthy, balanced meals and view food as fuel for your body now. After surgery, portions will be smaller, automatically reducing your overall calorie intake so you want to ensure you are getting the most nutrition you can from your mini meals.


Aim for a small, 6-inch plate like our BandBoozled plate and don’t fill the plate right to the edges or pile it high – too much on your plate may overwhelm you and put you off altogether. Stick to the portions on the plate and take your time – follow the 20+ rule whilst eating:

For gastric bands: fill half of your plate with vegetables or salad, a quarter of it with carbohydrates and a quarter of it with protein foods – see the plate for meal ideas.  Using a smaller bowl can also help manage your portion sizes of foods such as cereal, yoghurt, soup etc. Use a teaspoon to help you take smaller mouthfuls

Carbohydrates is the most difficult food group to manage the portion size – it’s so easy to have too much pasta rice or cereal. Our handy measuring soon and portion size guide to the common carbohydrates offers an essential guide following surgery


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